Amsterdam is the capital of the country of tulips, with a population of 825,500, hosting over a hundred nationalities. It is undoubtedly one of the European cities with an extremely beautiful and rich history. The name comes from “Amstel Dam” or “Amstel Dam”, as it was built on the river Amstel in the 13th century

The city recently topped Nestpick’s list of the best cities to live in for young people around the world. It examines factors such as the cost of living, accessibility to public transportation, employment opportunities, internet speed, gender equality, beer affordability and the number of Apple stores per capita.

Amsterdam is often called the European Venice, because there are more than one thousand two hundred bridges – more than those in Venice. The city is famous for its rich cultural life and numerous artistic events and galleries above the city. Amsterdam is a museum city in the literal and figurative sense. There are more museums per square meter in the city than anywhere else in the world. A visit there should not be without a walk around the windmills, the National Museum and the Tulip Museum, the Anne Frank House, the canals, Dam Square and much more.

The most popular transport in the city is cycling, with more than 1 million bicycles or a third more than people. The bike lanes themselves are wider than the pedestrian ones.

As you walk around the city, you are sure to notice the boat houses that are so typical of Amsterdam. The boats have been turned into full-fledged homes, supplied with electricity, water, gas and sewerage. This type of housing is over 2000, but due to their large number, the installation of new ones is prohibited.

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