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06 Mar 2019 10 things to do in London

London is the most densely populated city in the EU, embracing extreme diversity and colour. Each of London's districts is like an individual country. It is believed that the residents of UK's foggy capital speak 300 languages. Most buildings in London city is less than 10 storeys in height, therefore its total area has expanded to amazing proportions. London is the home of some 80 parks, 160 museums,…

30 Aug 2018 10 неща, които да направиш в Лондон

Лондон – най-гъсто населеният град на Европейския съюз, отличаващ се с изключителна пъстрота. Всеки район на Лондон е като отделна държава. Смята се, че жителите на мъгливата столица на Великобритания говорят на 300 езика.…

19 Apr 2018 Qatar – the Pearl of the Persian Gulf

The territory of Qatar is only 11,400 sq. km, but as small as it is, this part of the Persian Gulf is one of the world's richest pieces of land mostly due to its abundant oil and gas reserves. Currently, Qatar is the third biggest natural gas producer on earth.

20 Jul 2017 Cyprus: Aphrodite’s Island

After Sicily and Sardinia, Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Situated in the easternmost part of the sea, geographically the island belongs to Asia Minor, while culturally it serves as a bridge between Eastern and Western civilizations. The terrain of the island is diverse, dominated by the two mountain chains – North and South Trodos, parted by a hilly district in the middle.…