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10 Jun 2019 Нови възможности за наемане на квалифицирани кадри

RIR подкрепя бизнеса  посредством услугата си Посредничество  при издаване на „Единно  разрешително за пребиваване и работа“ и „Синя карта“  за кадри от страни извън ЕС   В последните години все повече работодателите…

23 May 2019 Fresh opportunities for hiring skilled workers

RIR supports the business through its service "Mediation in the Issuance of Common Residence and Work Permit" and "Blue Card" for employees residing in non-EU countries. For the past several years, a growing number of employers operating in Bulgaria have expressed their concern over the deficit of skilled workforce in almost all fields of business. This has inevitably resulted in competition between…

03 Apr 2019 Meet RIR's "Super Recruiters" Series, #5

"Work what you love, work at a place where you feel well and satisfied." What I Do? As a CEO of Radioactive International Recruitment I deal with tasks related to the company's goals and strategies, as well as with the organization of the operational activities with the team and our clients. At the very beginning, we had to set up a team of enthusiastic team of experts ready to embrace the challenges…

12 Feb 2019 Запознайте се със "Супер експертите" на RIR: Част 5

Като CEO на „Рейдиоактив Интернешънъл Рекрутмънт“ работя по задачи свързани с целите и стратегиите на компанията, както и с организацията на самата оперативна работа с екипа и клиентите. В самото начало трябваше да бъде…