If you lost your job due to COVID-19 or were in the process of looking for one, don’t panic, don’t give up and read the guidelines and advice of our human resources experts!

While finding the right work commitment can be a challenge at the moment, you can expect difficulties and you may be afraid of your future realization, there are ways you can successfully look for a job even during a pandemic.

Every day we read about the scale of the crisis and the difficulties that businesses are facing. Some industries are shrinking or freezing, but others are growing and looking for more employees than ever before. These are in the field of procurement, online training companies, the outsourcing industry, the information and communication technology sector, and of course healthcare and social work.

Let’s not miss the fact that the pandemic will pass and the economy will gradually recover.

Crisis often creates new opportunities

Employers are usually very responsive to employees who are willing to adapt to the changing environment and can fill gaps in the organization’s workforce.

Rethinking your career and even retraining and developing new skills is one of the prospects at the moment that we can take full advantage of.

Active jobseekers should make it a priority to take advantage of every opportunity for training and retraining. The digital age allows us to stay in our homes and learn through many different platforms. Choosing courses that complement and expand our existing knowledge is the best approach even beyond the current crisis.

Each industry requires different skill certificates. For example, if you are a waiter but want to be a restaurant manager, you can join an online curriculum and get the required certificate.

We are in a skills-based economy, and when the crisis is over, you will be much more valuable!

Be informed and ready to offer solutions

The crisis has created a number of new challenges for both employers and workers. If you can show the manager during a job interview that you have everything you need to help the company get through the difficulties successfully, you will increase your chances of being hired. Think about the problems faced by the company you are applying to and explain how you will solve them.

Prepare an up-to-date CV and update your social networks

No matter where you apply, whether for an online job or not, in your major or not, in a time of crisis or not, your CV remains the first thing your employer will see. To make a good first impression, your CV must be made exactly for the given company and position. Also, be sure to update your LinkedIn account. Nowadays, employers often look at it as well. Ask your previous employers to write you a recommendation.

Prepare for a web interview

Make sure you’re ready for video interviews. Practice in front of your computer’s camera. Check the connection, access and quality of the platform through which you will meet your potential future employer.

Consult recruiters

There are companies whose activity is entirely related to the selection of candidates who meet certain requirements set in advance by employers. They can help you with your CV and cover letter, as well as advise you on the labor market, companies suitable for you and vacancies.

Take the opportunity to send your CV to the team of RIR.bg recruitment specialists at this email: jobs @ rir. bg or upload a CV through our site, you can also do personal profile page in RIR .

We are ready to support you in your search for the dream job!

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