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Staff Leasing

Staff Leasing is a modern service that is fully in line with the dynamics of the labour market. It is a flexible solution that will reduce your cost and administrative workloads.

The service includes:

  • Screening, Selection, Recruitment and Employee management;
  • Preparation of employment contract and job offer
  • Legal assistance with registration, change and termination of labour contract;
  • Payroll administration including calculation, preparation and payment of remuneration;
  • Preparation of regular reports and generation of the relevant documentation;
  • Administration of all processes related to the work of the employees;
  • Professional and honest attitude towards both the client and the employees aiming to straighten the client reputation.


Find employees in every country

Personalized Talent Selection for your Business needs including:

  • Executive search
  • All types of Junior, Specialist and Expert roles

We have numerous success stories recruiting for a wide variety of businesses, such as: IT, BPO, Sales, Finances, Hospitality, and Production. Our ambitious team of experts, however, is constantly on the lookout for the next challenge!


Attracting talents beyond borders!

  • Attracting talents from EU countries
  • Attracting talents from non-EU countries

Work permits assistance

for non-EU citizens coming to Bulgaria

  • Local labour market research of the position for which the person applies ;
  • Business case preparation;
  • Applicant profile creation;
  • Preparation, compilation and deposition of all necessary documents, translation and legalization, notary duplicates, etc;
  • Official representation in front of the Labour Office and the National Employment Agency; Compilation and legalization of the required documentation for the issue of Visa D by the Bulgarian
  • Embassy in the relevant country;
  • Compilation and legalization of the required documentation for the issue of state ID for residence on Bulgarian territory by Directorate Migration within Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA);


Dynamically changing business conditions sometimes put companies in a position to downsize the number of its employees. Such scenario is always painful and creates a high risk for the company’s reputation. Below is the range of our Outplacement services:


  • Reduce the stress of being jobless;
  • Organize a first interview for the employee before their contract termination;
  • Access our vast contact database and find suitable vacancies in our client companies;
  • Provide professional career orientation based on their own skills and experience.


  • Become a social responsible employer;
  • Diminish the negative impact within the rest of its employees;
  • Retain its good reputation and improve its image.

TO the employees WE OFFER

Career advice

Our team provides professional consultations for job seekers helping them explore new job opportunities and further their career development, including tips for writing the perfect CV & Cover Letter; help during interview preparation, and many more.

Job Search

In our Job Seeker section, you can search through the newest job openings from leading companies in Bulgaria and abroad.