10+ soft and hard skills that today’s companies are looking for

10+ soft and hard skills that today’s companies are looking for

Many of us dream of working in a reputed company and earning high wages. But how can we be competitive and convince our future employer that we are the professionals they are looking for? Of course, every business needs highly-skilled workers who are eager to constantly upgrade their personal and professional competencies. Here is our list of top skills that will help you gain the respect and loyalty of every employer. Even if you targeting Google or Amazon, we are confident our list will come in handy.

Soft skills

Soft skills are competencies that allow you to efficiently communicate with people and quickly adapt to new circumstances.


Leaders are a must-have in every team, but most people have a wrong idea about it, thinking it is about being able to manage people. Actually, leadership is the potential to make people follow and respect you. Good leaders are good at motivating others; they can resolve conflicts and give feedback, and are often role models for the people around them.


Employees need people who can generate interesting and innovative ideas. Since every company is striving to create a unique product or service that will shine out on the market, people with creative mindset and approach to handling their professional tasks are always in demand.

Ability to convince

To be able to get along with our colleagues at work, we must convince them that we are moving in the right direction to success. If an employee, particularly a manager can do that, they will enjoy efficient and productive communicate with their co-workers. This is especially true for experts who are working on their own projects: they should be able to convince investors in the merits of their business idea and plan.

Team work

Cooperating with your colleagues helps generate a better version of your ideas. Therefore, big companies often organize brainstorming sessions. In this format, experts communicate and supplement each other’s ideas to produce a solution to a particular situation or problem.

Proactive approach

Don’t just sit and wait for someone to tell you what to do and how to do it. Formulate your tasks on your own based on the needs of your business and try to work out the solutions on your own.


Every employer values people who work well under stress and can quickly adapt to new situations without losing their efficiency. In our world today, where everything changes on a daily basis, you should immediately sense the new trends and be several steps ahead of your competitors.⠀

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is being aware of your own emotions and the emotions of the people around you, including your target audiences. If you have this skill, you will be able to react efficiently to any new needs and challenges. To develop your emotional intelligence, analyze and try to understand the reactions of the people you communicate with.

Hard skills

Hard skills are professional skills, a set of competencies that have to do with the technical part of your work. While soft skills can be developed independently and throughout your life thanks to the experience you gain, hard skills require education and training. Some of the most wanted hard-skills in today’s job market are:


Blockchain is a relatively new technology for digital asset transfer and safe storage. There is still a deficit of experts who know the ins and outs of blockchain. And in the era of contactless payments, it is obviously worth considering a career in the field.

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Cloud services

Memory cards are a thing of the past – there are far better and safer ways to store your date today. Many companies already work in the “cloud”. It is quick and efficient. Therefore, the job market needs people who can manage, design and deliver cloud systems.

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Experts who can work with artificial intelligence are attractive for businesses developing innovative products and automation. These processes speed up the operations of a business and bring it to a whole new level. If you’ve got the knack of it, you will always have a job, and a highly-paid one, by the way.

Business Analysis

Business analysts provide detailed descriptions and maps of business processes and allow companies see the whole nuances of their operations. Their work is highly valued and need as they help reduce the costs and terms through optimization.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is used to sell products online. Basically, partners get paid for a targeted action (in most cases, sale) achieved through their activities (content creation, for example). The main benefit of this relatively new type of marketing is that it has a wider audience reach.


Any company needs sales experts since without sales, a business cannot exist. Sales are at the bottom of the whole business, therefore sales experts are a must-have in any commercial enterprise.

Video content creation

Most people “consume” information with their eyes. According to scientists, generation Z are particularly used to get their information visually. Therefore, video content is extremely popular and has many functions in today’s world.

Every employer wants to have a tea”m of people who can resolve problems and contribute to the company’s development and progress. Do you have them? If the answer is yes, you are on your way to not only landing your dream job, but also a valuable and efficient employee – the dream addition of any successful business.

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