Meet RIR’s “Super Recruiters” Series, #2

Meet RIR’s “Super Recruiters” Series, #2

Elena Arshinkova is a Senior Recruitment Expert and a Team Leader at Radioactive International Recruitment (RIR).

Meet Elena, Whose Superpower is “Multi-tasking ” !

“Be positive and this will certainly make you successful and irreplaceable in your job!” – Elena Arshinkova

What I Do

I’ve been part of the Radioactive International Recruitment (RIR) team almost since the launch of the company. At the beginning, I used to deal mainly with recruiting staff for our partners in Bulgaria and abroad. Gradually, my duties expanding and now I am also in charge of our key partnerships. Besides, I train junior experts who join our company and want to advance their HR careers. I have extensive experience in my field, which helps me excel in introducing and implementing innovative practices in my job.

The Personal Touch

The qualities that help me in my daily work include communication skills, responsiveness, vigor and honesty. I try to talk to the candidates I meet in a friendly and informal manner, because job interviews are a two-way process of getting to know each other. Amid the strong competition on the HR market, I deem winning the trust of the person facing you an absolute success!

I am happy that I can work as an HR expert. This gives me the opportunity to help people looking for their perfect job every day. My work has taught me to dig deep into each specific case and be 100% devoted to the cause of changing someone’s life. My advice to all people looking for a new job is to be themselves, but always strive to give their best.

Working at RIR

RIR is a relatively young company on the HR market. The first and main challenge we faced at the start was becoming recognizable. It was a hard thing to do amid the strong competition – proving and demonstrating that we are different. However, our enthusiasm and perseverance helped us attract big companies – both in Bulgaria and internationally – to our portfolio. We are different not only because we offer innovative services that have yet to be actively adopted on the Bulgarian market. We are different also because of the special attitude we have towards each candidate. We have been able to help a lot of job seekers find their perfect work and we continue to do it. Trust us and you won’t be disappointed!

Work hard, play hard

You may be wondering about the formula of being successful in your career…? The answer is pretty easy – just be determined to be happy with what you do. When your work brings you pleasure and you do it with ease, success is inevitable. Be positive and this will certainly make you successful and irreplaceable in your job!

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