Meet RIR’s “Super Recruiters” Series, #5

Meet RIR’s “Super Recruiters” Series, #5

Gergana is the CEO of RadioActive International Recruitment 

Meet Gergana, whose superpower is Strategic Mastery!

“Work what you love, work at a place where you feel well and satisfied.”

What I Do?

As a CEO of Radioactive International Recruitment I deal with tasks related to the company’s goals and strategies, as well as with the organization of the operational activities with the team and our clients. At the very beginning, we had to set up a team of enthusiastic team of experts ready to embrace the challenges of a start-up, and build all processes, attract clients, work on promoting the brand, establish ourselves as a factor on the market and a reliable partner for all job seekers and job offerors. For the two year’s we’ve been on the market, apart from recruitment mediators, we have added two additional services for our clients – staff lease and mediation in the issuance of a single work and residence permit for citizens of non-EU countries. My work is exceptionally dynamic, interesting and demanding in terms of creativity and flexibility so we can be competitive and always a step ahead of our competition.

Working at RIR

Working at RIR is a pleasure, a challenge, a competition, a constant strive for improvement, satisfaction! RIR is a team spirit, RIR is a pleasant atmosphere, young and enthusiastic people united by a single coal – to succeed, to stay, to be here!

Work hard, play hard

Lately, we are growingly hearing the word “burnout”! You work hard and you achieve your goals when you are not stressed; when you can strike the right balance between your private live and your job. I think that despite all the stress involved in our work, we are able to find the right dose and combine work and pleasure. We come to work full of enthusiasm every day and despite all the ups and downs, we are always positive and confident in the success of the RIR cause.

The formula of being successful at work

If you want to succeed, first of all you need to be open to new ideas, new horizons, changes, and the opinions of other people. You should be ready to leave your comfort zone at any given moment. You need to be able to listen to the advice of those who are more experienced than you are. I have a favourite quote by Steve Jobs that I try to stick to: “There is no point in hiring smart people and telling them what to do – we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

Work what you love, work at a place where you feel well and satisfied. It is an established fact that people who are jobless are happier than people who hate their job.

And last but not least, however much you may love your work, forget about it in the weekend. However, don’t be bored – find other things to keep you active and not let your brain think about business.

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