Top 10 Female jobs in 2022

Top 10 Female jobs in 2022

Ladies First: Top 10 Female Jobs in 2022

Long gone are the days of strictly “female” and purely “male” jobs. Our society today has no restrictions when it comes to women in the workplace. Still, there are areas where ladies seem to be doing better than “the stronger” part of our society. In the month of women, we are presenting our list of the Top 10 female in 2022.

Account Manager

Account Manager is the perfect job for ladies who are good with words and have the power to convince. Nowadays, this occupation is in high demand on the labour market, not only among companies that sell goods, but also among businesses that offer services. A good acount manager should be a charming speaker, be communicative, and work well under stress. They should be familiar with the processes involved in sales and their principles and should not be shy. Confidence in communication with clients is the key.

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Customer Support Agent

Did you know that 71% of customer support agents are actually women? Wonder why?

Research shows most customers who seek assistance from businesses are male. And since customer support is often provided over the phone, ladies seem to do particularly well as men like nice female voices. Another reason is that girls are generally better in learning foreign languages, and foreign languages are definitely an asset for this job. Last but not least, women tend to work better under stress. They can bear high emotional burden and handle big volumes of information. Other skills necessary for this job, naturally, include communication with all kinds of people who have their own problems, emotions, and moods. Being polite, accurate and disciplined also helps.

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Research shows that over 80% of people in accounting are women. No wonder – ladies have all it takes: attention to detail, good judgment, and they love order! Surprising as it may sound, many accountants say their job is the most creative one in the world. Obviously, numbers have a hidden magic.

Creative or not, accounting certainly has one thing to offer – great pay. But before you get there, you should do some hard learning in the form of special training courses or even better, university. The more experience you’ve got, the higher the pay.

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Ladies are more accurate, patients tend to trust them more, and they are very fast learners. Therefore, it is no surprise that female nurses are in high demand on the labour market, especially amid the COVID 19 pandemic. A career in nursing care can be a great start if you want to become a medical doctor. Another great thing about this job is that it has always been and will always be very much needed. Therefore, if you are a nurse, you are sure to always have a job, no matter your age.

IT Developer

Although the share of women in the IT industry remains lower than men, ladies are certainly gaining foot, especially in jobs such as testing. The reason – women tend to be more concentrated on their tasks, and are very meticulous when it comes to details. Therefore, they are less likely to make mistakes. An extra point for the ladies is the fact that they are good team players and are prone to making compromise – valuable assets when working on big projects.

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Brand Manager

Brand Manager is another job that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Women have one innate skill that is particularly helpful in this profession – the ability to convince clients to choose a particular product or service. Anyone can be a brand manager – the important thing is to be able to sell your own brand first! Still, a degree in marketing would really help. Be prepared for all sorts of tasks – not only brand promotion, but also business development, dealing with paperwork, sales, and more. And who is better in multitasking than women?

HR Specialist

Women shine in this profession due to one of their most distinct qualities -the ability to pinpoint all the negative and positive sides of any individual. An HR specialist should have a natural talent in reading the eyes of job seekers. And women can definitely do that! Women can sense emotions, hints, face mimics, and body language. This is very helpful when choosing the best fits for a job among dozens of candidates. But you can’t go without training – you need to know all applicable laws and efficient HR methodologies. So grab the books!

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By default, women are more susceptible to communicating with all kinds of people and in education in general. Teachers should create an emotionally comfortable environment for the kids and arouse their interest in learning. Teaching is a very difficult and specific profession, and unfortunately, not always highly paid. Furthermore, it requires a lot of extra time for preparing the lessons and filling out paperwork. Despite all difficulties, in the end, it is a highly rewarding job.

Marketing Expert

A Marketing Expert builds a business’s strategy for the positioning, placement, and actual sale of its products and services. Their task does not end with sales – they should work to increase the company’s profits in the long run. Marketing also covers activities such as Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, which are in high demand in today’s digital world. Internet marketing offers a great balance between work and personal life, which is great for women and mothers. In this position, you can work as a freelancer, too.

Nowadays, women are free to choose their job in any field they like. We made this list of the Top 10 female jobs in 2022 hoping to inspire you and help you make the best choice in your career!

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