Whatever your field of expertise may be, ongoing career progress is of crucial importance. Without it, work can get boring and routine, and you will gradually start to fall behind the latest trends in your area. You wouldnt like to lose your competitive edge on the labour market if you decide to change your job, would you?

Of course, your career growth is mainly up to you. You should be well aware of your long-term goals, build a development plan, and upgrade your skills to achieve this progress. But things are much easier and more efficient if your boss supports your growth. Here are a few signs you have a boss who cares about the development of their employees.

Engages in regular communication

If your boss cares about your career growth, they will create an open environment where you can share your thoughts. For example, you will feel free to discuss your professional development and the opportunities within your company. Your boss may share their vision about your strengths and weaknesses and give you valuable recommendations.

This open, regular communication allows both sides to find the best solution to each situation that benefits all.

Encourages your ambitions

Does your boss give you a chance to take greater responsibility? Or go beyond your regular ongoing duties?

For example, if your development goal is to become a good manager, your boss may ask you to train the team’s new members. You may be asked to adapt and get to know other departments of the company. The ability to integrate new staff is a critical human management skill.

Introduces you to the right people

An essential feature of a good boss is their ability to create networking opportunities for their employees. Using their reputation and authority, they may get you connected with people who may help your growth and bring you higher on the career ladder. Your bass may introduce you to these people personally by presenting your strengths or allow you to introduce yourself.

Supports your ongoing training

Only you know what tools you need to achieve your career goals. If one of them is training, dont forget to tell your boss about it. Maybe you can sit together and pick the best training courses and mentors.

Dont forget that training courses may require your company to spend money and time; therefore, the circumstances are sometimes beyond the powers of your immediate manager. In this case, they will probably explain the situation openly and offer alternatives outside the company.

Respects you

If you are doing something well, your manager will admit it in public and will praise you. Knowing that you can count on the support and have your merits recognized is an essential driver of productivity and efficient collaboration.

Welcomes promotion opportunities

If a new promotion opportunity arises within your team, your boss may propose it to you or support your desire to advance in your career. What if this perfect match for your skills and experience is in another department? An ideal boss will help you and your plans to move on.

What does this mean?

Suppose your boss matches the signs listed above, congratulations! You have a great boss who values your work and invests their resources in your development. Deepen your collaboration, communicate and share your plans about your near-term and longer-term professional future.

If your boss doesnt tick the boxes, try to talk to them. Maybe, if you share your career vision and plans, stressing your achievements within the company, you will be able to find a solution and ultimately achieve your goals.

If your boss is not supportive, then probably its time to move on and find someone who would be there for you along this exciting road.

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