A Shortcut to Your Dream Job

A Shortcut to Your Dream Job

Finding one’s dream job could take up considerable time and resources, especially when candidates are not experienced and decide to fill and send out application forms by themselves. It is highly possible that the resumes are rejected during the earliest round of reviews, when the employer is flooded with hundreds of CVs, or that they miss to mention an important detail about their skills or talents, which would have given them an advantage over the other competitors.

More opportunities for a shorter time, and all that completely free of charge: this is the service that Recruitment Agencies – or the so called labour brokers – offer to their clients. It is quite common that the best, most prestigious, and/or highly paid job openings are announced exclusively through such agencies. The reason for that is because the employers do not have the time, and sometimes the resources, to do the initial screening process, to meet with hundreds of applicants, to hold numerous interviews, and to sift the high-quality candidates from the unsuitable ones. That’s why employers prefer to hire a specialized agency to perform the end-to-end recruitment process in their stead, including fully understanding the requirements and needs of the position and referring only the most suitable candidates who fit the relevant job description.

When using a Recruitment Agency services, job seekers go through an initial screening process performed by HR professionals, who can determine to what extent the applicants could meet the employer’s specific requirements and are then sent to an actual interview. It is important to note that the final decision who should be hired lies with the employer and not with the recruiters of agency.

Regardless of whether the candidate is a young person without experience or a highly-qualified specialist, a laid-off, a permanently unemployed, or an employed individual, who would like to explore new career opportunities – everyone has potential, knowledge, and skills that could fit a specific employer’s needs.

Thanks to its high professionalism and experience in the recruitment sphere, the intermediary agency will offer a job hunter the opportunities most fitting to their skillset, will carry out an initial interview, which – depending on the position for which the person applies – may also include technical or language skills tests, and finally will offer their application to the employer.

For those looking for jobs in the country, as well as abroad, the service is completely free. The only legal requirement is that the person looking for a job entrusts the Recruitment Agency with the task to find them suitable employment by signing an Intermediary contract between the job seeker and the recruitment agency. Contracts are not exclusive and do not limit candidates from pursuing other opportunities. They commonly contain some information about the intermediary as well as the candidate, rights and obligations of both sides, contract duration, etc.

The recruiter interviews the candidate for a new position and enters their names in a data base. When a suitable opportunity is found, they refer the potential contender to the employer.

Learn your rights!

When you decide to turn to a Recruitment Agency, it is important to know that:

– You can check the validity of the license of the company you chose on the website of the National Employment Agency in Section “Employment Intermediaries”

– The Employment Intermediary needs to have a Certificate, which is displayed in a visible place in their office.

– You should sign a contract with the Intermediary and received an original signed copy thereof.

– You should receive a signed copy of the individual employment contract by the employer or by their authorized representative.

– In the case of employment abroad, you should receive information about the social and religious customs in the country of employment by the Agency.

– The service is free of charge for all candidates.

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