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Мalta: The Land of the Knights

The island country of Malta is less than two-hour away from Sofia by plane and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Situated only fifty miles away from the island of Sicily, Malta serves as a geographic and cultural bridge between Europe and North Africa. Despite its relatively small territory, Malta offers vacation opportunities to suit everyones taste. Those who love the outdoor will be enthralled by the sun-drenched nature and picturesque scenery, azure waters, sandy beaches, rocky coves, and unique seascapes. History fanatics, on the other hand, will discover on both Malta and Gozo a genuine mixture of ancient cultures, chivalry, and medieval architecture. All of this, combined with a plenitude of modern resorts, restaurants and bars, as well as numerous amenities, makes Malta an ideal location for work and leisure. Official languages are Maltese and English.

Malta is among the worlds smallest countries. When it comes to territory, it ranks 219thof total 269, making it also the smallest state in the European Union. Regardless of its size, Malta is the 8thmost densely populated country in the world. And thats no coincidence. According to polls, 74% of its citizens consider themselves happy. One of the reasons for that is the pleasant weatherdominating the island. Average annual temperature is 19C, with abundant sunshine from May to December (understandably the holiday season lasts almost 9 months). There are no strong winds and fogs and average annual precipitation is around 570mm.

Maltese economy relies mainly on services. Industrys share is 26% and agriculture makes for only 3% of the GDP. Unemployment rate is extremely low only about 3-4%.

According to ratings by InterNations the biggest ex-pat organization worldwide, Malta is the best place to work abroad. Satisfaction with working conditions is very high and people are happywith the combination of career opportunities, allowing for a reasonable balance between personal life and work hours.

Malta as a destination becomes increasingly popular among Bulgarians looking for careers abroad. In overall Maltese maintain good living standard with minimal pension of 500 Euro and minimal wage over 700 Euro.

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