Meet RIR’s “Super Recruiters” Series, #4

Meet RIR’s “Super Recruiters” Series, #4

Sonya Georgieva is sales executive at Radioactive International Recruitment (RIR).

Meet Sonya, Whose Superpower is “Super intelligence” !

What do I Do?

I’ve been part of Radioactive International Recruitment (RIR) almost since the very beginning of the company. I am mainly dealing with business development, sales and attracting new clients – both in Bulgaria and abroad. My job is exceptionally interesting and dynamic because it gives me an opportunity to communicate and build key partnerships – both with big international players, established in the labor market, and with start-ups in need of finding motivated and ambitious employees for their business.

Working at RIR

Being part of the RIR team is an everyday challenge for me – it brings me the pleasure of communicating with an international team of highly qualified and motivated employees, who are ready to step out of their comfort zone for the sake of achieving their goals and results. Although our team brings together people of very different personalities, we are united and successfully overcome our differences in a bid to rediscover the good qualities in each of us. I won’t hide that in the it was very hard. On one hand, we had to establish our name on the market and work to develop RIR as a recognizable brand, offering a wide range of innovative services in the field of staff recruitment, leasing beginning and relocation. On the other hand, we had to surround ourselves with ambitious team members, help them grow and develop and make sure we are successful together. For all of you, eager to become part of our RIR family, I have some advice: be honest, be dynamic, be open to innovative strategies and approaches, and never compromise the quality of your work to be rewarded with the satisfaction of our partners.

Work hard, play hard

I believe that job and pleasure should go hand in hand to secure your balance and feel happy. What brings me positive emotions and immense pleasure is travelling. I love to go back home after the end of the workday and start planning my next trip. I organize everything on my own – I pick a place, get information from various sources and look for references from my friends. To me, getting to know new places, finding out more about new cultures and meeting new friends is an exceptionally interesting and enriching experience.

The formula of being successful at work

Many people see work as a habit, an obligation and a routine, and that’s exactly why they fail to be successful at their work. My advice is to look inside yourself, find a job that suits you best, find a job that you love and a job that will bring negative emotions to the minimum. A key element is to be in peace with yourself and see your job in a perspective, not just as a stage of the development you’re aiming for. Another important element on the road to success is to be communicative, responsive and supportive of our colleagues. Communicate, share ideas and plan your development, instead of complaining about the hours spent at work and the volumes of your tasks. And most importantly – be positive to the world; love what you do and smile more – and the universe will bring back to you a double dose of happiness.

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