Meet RIR’s “Super Recruiters” Series

Meet RIR’s “Super Recruiters” Series

Radoslava Ivanova is a Senior Recruitment Expert and a Team Leader at Radioactive International Recruitment (RIR).

Meet Radoslava, Whose Superpower is to be “Absolutely Amazing” !

“Be determined and strive to give your best at all times” – Radoslava Ivanova

In a series of blog posts, we will introduce you to RIR’s amazing SuperRecruiters! Our team star Number one is: Radoslava Ivanova.

What I Do

Having joined the team at the very beginning of the company, I am currently responsible for the management of our key partnerships in Bulgaria and abroad, as well as for the training of the junior specialists starting their career with us. I have over six years of experience in Human Resources, which helped me develop new and creative approaches about working with people in the context of my field.

The personal touch

The qualities that help me in my job are: responsiveness, honesty, empathy, and vibrancy. I manage to quickly become friends with the people I meet, which I believe makes them feel comfortable even though they are on a job interview. Forme one of the most important aspects of my job is the constructive feedback and the friendly atmosphere within the team. I advise all new members to be honest both in their interpersonal relationships, as well as with themselves; to be determined and strive to give their best because our profession is so noble that we should be proud of our present and future achievements.

Working at RIR

In order to be a market leader, it is important to have a mission and to follow your goals with enthusiasm. Such enthusiasm is sustained by the ability to dream big and have a clear vision. When we started the RIR project over a year ago, we did have a vision about the direction for our company;s future and we had the know-how necessary to reach that destination. Thanks to our enthusiasms and our persistent positive, and proactive outlook on business, I believe we managed to contribute and support a lot of people in realizing their career or even personal dreams. At the beginning It wasn;t easy, but I suppose it never is. We passed through difficult times and economic downturns, which could be expected since the competitions are harsh. At such times, we focused our efforts inwards, towards the team, the company, the methods of our trade. Our best achievement is that we built a very experienced team. This is an ongoing process requiring consistency and time. RIR is a company that loves its employees and the feeling is mutual. We all work with the same enthusiasm as at the beginning and we always see the new horizons before us.

Work hard – Play hard

In today’s dynamic world, finding the right balance between work and life can be a tough task. Unfortunately, most of us have very little time to dedicate to their own hobbies and personal interests. Actually, achieving a perfect balance between your work and your private life can be an absolute utopia. It will certainly fall out of reach, if we start looking deliberately to get our personal and job duties perfectly distributed, and our hours and schedules – impeccably calculated. The truth is that what we need to achieve is balance and harmony inside of us. And this harmony is all about focusing our time and energy on the things that matter most to us.

I try to do sports at least three times a week (I do cardio and enjoy lower intensity wellness and fitness disciplines such as yoga). Traveling around Bulgaria and abroad is another great way to escape my routine pattern. I believe that striking the right balance between work and play is all about giving our best – being 100% at work when we work and 100% play when we play. So, my advice is – don’t take your work problems and pains home!

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