RIR Team Prepares for the Next “Super Recruiter”

RIR Team Prepares for the Next “Super Recruiter”

Today was the official start of the preparation for the new initiative of RIR’s team entitled “Are You the Next Super Recruiter?”.

The first phase of making of our new video-add is now over, with producers guaranteeing high quality of the final product by using latest visual techniques of filming and post-production. Mind-blowing animations, super powers, and a lot more – that’s what fans of unusual videos could expect from RIR’s latest campaign.

“Being a relatively new and agile company, it is very important for us to attract our future employees in an engaging and innovative way. To work in RIR means to have imagination and to be willing to achieve one’s full potential; to be a creative thinker and to be ready for new professional challenges”, comments Gergana Mashal, CEO of RIR Ltd.

The purpose of our video-add is to attract new job candidates. What are the super powers of our team? What expectations do they have for their new colleagues? How would they describe their job? The answers to those questions are coming up soon… Until then, don’t hesitate to send us your professional biography.

“Join the League of Extraordinary Recruiters!”

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